Warehouse Lease

Every company working with goods and cargo encounters at some point the problem of convenient and effective storage of goods in warehouse. Today there are three options for this problem:

  • to build or buy own warehouse;
  • to lease a warehouse;
  • to employ services of individual or safe storage facilities

However possession of own warehouse requires considerable administrative and financial costs that sometimes doesn’t prove its value.

Lease of a warehouse is also not appropriate for everybody. As a rule warehouses are let for lease for a long period that is inconvenient for temporary storage. In addition if a lessee wants to expand or reduce the rented area, he usually should to look for new premises.

An optimal solution of this problem is the temporary storage which is divided into the safe storage services and individual storage services.

What is the difference between these two forms of storage?

Today safe warehouse storage is a complex of stocking and logistics services from cargo warehousing and handling to stock accounting and full set of operations for cargo segregation, packaging and customer’s order placement. The company providing such services undertakes all risks associated with goods safety and potential loss.

The advantage of the safe storage warehouse is that the lessee pays only for the storage of a concrete product, while in lease he must pay the rent for the whole area of the warehouse irrespective of the actual operated area. However since the warehouse is held fully liable for  safety of stored property, there is a number of restrictions for not only the content of goods but also for independent visits to the warehouse. As a rule, you can’t take your goods before the specified date without prior agreement and execution of an application.

As opposed to the safe storage services the individual storage warehouses don’t offer you the complex of logistics services but you will get the premises of any required size with potential of extension or reduction in area.

The key advantage of the individual storage is the full freedom of your action. As opposed to the safe warehouses you need not make a detailed inventory of property to be stored and specify in advance the date of taking the whole cargo or its part: in individual storage warehouses you may do that at any time without preliminary agreement.

Individual or safe storage services are your calm and safety of your goods and cargo!

Our warehouse is located near the Khirdalan railway station and has own branch railway line.

We have indoor and outdoor warehouses as well as manpower and all necessary equipment: hoisting crane, motor-trolleys and lorries for cargo handling!