Rolled Metal Products

Today rolled ferrous metal products dominate in construction and manufacture and are used in all spheres of our life. They are so popular with high-quality characteristics: reliability and long-lasting operation, processing and repair capability. Rolled metal products are divided into the following types: simple rolled section, profiled bars, flat products and rolled tubular products.Profiled bars are used in construction of industrial and civil buildings, machine tool building, bridge  and large facilities construction, oil and defence complex, in manufacture of concrete goods and concrete monolithic constructions.

Rolled section is divided into two types:

Simple rolled section (bar products А1, bar products А3, hot-rolled rods, wires, grids).


Profiled bars (I-iron girders, hot-rolled angles, hot-rolled channel).


Flat products are used in shipbuilding and aircraft manufacture, mechanical engineering industry, as material for pipe making, production of profiled rolled steel and tool-making facilities.


Steel pipes are used in manufacture of different purpose approach viaducts: for gas and water pipes, in oil industry, machine engineering, agriculture, cabinet making, billboard, fence manufacture, etc.